Patient Information

For proper pre-procedure preparation and post procedure recovery, please review the following information and complete the questionnaire.

Pre-Procedure Instructions

The success of your procedure depends on the collaborative effort between you and our staff. Please read the following pre-procedure instructions by clicking on the link below

  • Pain Procedures
  • Acupuncture Treatment

Patient Information Sheet

To properly prepare for your visit, we ask that you fill out the attached Pain History Questionnaire prior to your first visit and bring it with you to your first visit.

  • Pain History Questionnaire

Post-Procedure Instructions

You will have to restrict your activity following the procedure Please review the following post-procedure instructions to minimize the risk of complications and give you the most benefit from the procedure.

  • Post-Procedure Instructions

Insurance and Billing

It is our goal to provide quality health care in an efficient and cost-effective manner. For information on insurance and billing services offered by the Pain Management Specialists.

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