Cancer Pain

About one-third of patients being treated for cancer have pain, and each patient’s pain is unique. Therefore, each patient’s pain management plan must be carefully designed. The Pain Management Specialists offer epidural administration of narcotics and local anesthetics for those patients where oral or intravenous narcotics and other pain medications are unsuccessful in controlling cancer pain.

The Technology
At the Pain Management Specialists we use a technology called the Du Pen epidural catheter, a silicone-based tunneled catheter modeled after the Hickman central venous catheter. This technology provides a safe, reliable means of long-term drugs administrating into the epidural space. In a short a surgical procedure, the catheter is placed in the epidural space and tunneled under the skin to an exit site in the flank. It is then attached to a small infusion pump which delivers pain medication.

This technique of delivering pain medication has several advantages. The use of local anesthetics in combination with narcotics delivered into the epidural space generally results in better pain control and fewer side-effects than intravenous or oral narcotics. Patients receiving epidural medications can remain at home since the epidural can be managed by a home healthcare nurse.

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