Why Choose the Pain Management Specialists?
There are a variety of reasons why patients are referred to or seek out a physician specializing in pain management:

Why Choose the Pain Management Specialists?
The Pain Management Specialists, use a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis, treatment and management of pain and using a special emphasis on spinal diagnostics. A staff of highly trained and caring physicians, nurses and radiology technicians work together to alleviate pain and suffering, and provide comfort to patients and their families.

We offer:

Comprehensive Services
The Pain Management Specialists offer a complehesive set of treatments for pain based on interventional therapies ranging from local injections, acupuncture, spinal injections and implantable devices.

Advanced Technology
The staff at the Specialists utilize the most advanced diagnostic and pain relief procedures, including state-of-the-art fluoroscopy radiofrequency treatment and ultrasound equipment.

Excellent Location
The Pain Management Specialists is ideally situated at the heart of Santa Barbara's medical community at Pueblo Street and Oak Park Lane next to the new Cottage Hospital .